What does our SBC team talk about?

How every single client benefits from the broad knowledge, contacts and expertise on our MBA招生咨询 team.

What is the SBC AdCom take on whether my client should take a quant class or retake the test? 
When you were at HBS Admissions, did HBS give any special consideration 对于那些....
What is the SBC AdCom hearing about admit trends by industry: finance vs. 科技vs咨询?
What are you hearing from your contacts about which MBA programs will have spots open for round 3 deadlines?
My client asked me the following question regarding who is reading the GSB applications: “Who are the readers? What are the demographics of the readers? 其他斯坦福商学院校友? Do you know breakdown of ages and genders?”
I have a R2 client who is getting ready to submit to a few schools. Knowing that background checks are conducted he brought up concern about his title...anybody have experience with this?
I've read his draft application. I would recommend admitting him if I were reading the application at CBS.
Can an applicant who has zero current extracurriculars get admitted to Wharton, CBS, or Booth?
当我还是GSB AdCom的时候, we regularly dinged awesome applicants with the comment "looks more like 哈佛大学". It was pretty much the most damning eval comment that could be made.
How much does GSB prioritize accomplishments relative to what gets a candidate excited and emotional?


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